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Shadows Lie is a dark fantasy world that explores dynamic storytelling, your decisions and actions really matter. 

The Empire of the Elder Elves fell when a brutal civil war tore it in half, and then the slaves revolted, and then all their great forests burned to ash and cinder. The survivors, now called Light Elves and Dark Elves, hold a thousand year grudge – a paranoia that their ancient war will only end in annihilation: and now that war has come. The Light Elves have every advantage, but the Dark Elves have no intention of dying. Yalia’s objective is simple, escalate this regional conflict between elves into a global war. Do what Yalia does best, make enemies and profit in the chaos. 

Worlds of Possibility

10 beautiful regions to explore, each with their own stories and opportunities. Forge alliances with powerful factions, or attack them all, the choice is yours. Dynamic storytelling with many possible endings based on your actions.  


Recruit Agents

30 unique classes, each with powerful strengths, lets you build thousands of team combinations to destroy your enemies with any preferred playstyle. 


Ranger & Marksman

Masters of the bow, Archers strike from stealth with surgical accuracy. Marksman specialize in assassinating single enemies, while Rangers mix melee and archery into a seamless display of skill. Long ago, the unparalleled mastery of the Elven Archers built an empire that conquered the world.


Singer & Maestro

All music is magic, but for Bards music is a conduit to channel their aeromancy. Maestros orchestrate the melody of combat, to both inspire their allies, and cripple their enemies. Singers set the tempo to move and act swiftly, singing knives to their targets and stunning foes with their scream. 


Decimator & Duelist

A lifetime of training and discipline is the story behind every Blade. Decimators were originally trained by the Elder Elves to cull the unceasing tide of goblins, their attacks are a tireless flurry of speed and precision. Duelists train to effortlessly read their opponents intentions and are unparalleled in single combat.


Redeemer & Chevalier

Their crusade is carnage. Crusaders come of every race, and no god unites them all. Whether Redeemer or Chevalier, all Crusader disrupt the battlefield to protect the vulnerable, and deliver destruction upon their enemies.


Seer & Coercer

A Dreamer sees three worlds intertwined: the real, the dream, the nightmare. Their lucid thoughts can manifest desires and fear into all three worlds, which then is reality? Insanity is inescapable – for the Dreamer can never tell these worlds apart. Seers try to manifest their dreams into reality, Coercers dwell on darker thoughts.


Aquatic & Earthen

Nature has a meandering will and sentience behind it, beautiful and terrible are her designs. Druids do not ask Nature to bend to their will, Nature acts through the Druids. The Earthen are entwined to the cycle of decay and rebirth, they are the spring and the fall. The Aquatic carry all the warmth of summer, and the cold of winter.


Ascendant & Cleric

Exarchs are no mere medics, clad in heavy armor they are equal parts protectors and healers. Ascendants can be found where combat is thickest, protecting their allies while striking down enemies. Clerics are unmatched healers whose mastery over life and death can put even Necromancers to shame.


Assassin & Acrobat

Every shadow tells two lies - that the Infiltrator is lurking within, and that they are not - that you may turn away, and that you may not. Acrobats elevate this paradox of shadows with deceptions, distractions and knives.  Assassins elevate stealth to a performance art with an inevitable and singular finale.


Bone & Blood

Whether by bone or blood, necromancers master the flesh and soul. With only a thought they can pull the blood from your veins, or the teeth from your jaws, calcify their skin, or marionette your body against your will, and of course – raise the dead to serve again. 


Infernal & Fireborn

Pyromancers seek to contain that which cannot be controlled, for fire is the most destructive of all magic. The elder elves created Pyromancy to cook the dwarves in their mountain-halls, and it was also Pyromancy that burned their own empire to ash and cinders. 


Stalker & Hunter

All predators know that survival is the combination of knowledge, speed, and timing. Scouts first study their prey from the shadows, then strike quickly at the most decisive moment. To be a Scout is to stalk and hunt, and to view everything as your prey. 


Deceiver & Spectre

The Void consumes everything that it touches, including the Shade. Each Shade is slowly being subsumed by another plane of existence beyond even the God’s control. Deceivers weave realities together, revealing secrets that should not be seen. Spectres step between realities, going beyond the Veil and returning where they should not be. 


Vanguard & Agitator

Violence is the purpose of a Warrior’s existence. The Vanguard are intimidating behemoths who wade knee-deep into any fray, and find serenity only when they are beset on all sides. Agitators are both immovable and ever-moving, they fear nothing and strike wherever they please.  


Lich & Devourer

The line between life and death is a tenuous thread. Between the needle-like fingers of a Lich, life can be taken and given at a whim, strength can be stolen or gifted, and death can be corrected like a misplaced stitch. Within a Devourer, there lurks a ravenous hunger that can never be satiated – a craven desire for blood, and for time, and for more.


Hexen & Blackrose

The first lesson all witches learn is that they can change the world. Hexen reflect the energy around them, resolving inequity both in what they give and take. Spirits circle around a Blackrose, they lead the Blackrose to protect the vulnerable, and to challenge injustice. 

Born In Shadows

Dark Elves are born in shadows, stealth and surprise are core to your survival. Plan and launch devastating first strike attacks against enemy patrols from stealth. Sneak past enemies you cannot fight, and beware of stealth enemies. 

Whispers on the Wind

Send your agents on solo missions to gather intelligence (Whispers), making future missions easier. Replaces complicated base building minigames common to the genre, with these action and dialogue decisions.