“Liars and killers, betrayers, hedonists, sadists – everything they say about us is true. That’s the great lie of their propaganda against my people: it’s all true. The Light Elves neglect to mention that they share every single trait. Our whole world is built of lies, painted with blood, adorned with pleasures, and filled with shadows. They have built a monument of lies to turn the world against us, now we must paint it.” – Lady Yalia D’venn, Dark Elven Aristocrat

A war is coming that the Dark Elves will not win, the Light Elves have come to destroy their ancient foe. Their army is far larger, their magic far stronger, they have better allies and greater wealth, and they believe in their purpose. Yalia cannot change these circumstances for her people, her sharpest weapons are whispers and inflections – but the right words at the right time, can get a lot of people killed. Control a party of liars and killers as you recruit allies and kill enemies with manipulation, magic, and daggers in the dark. 

Shadows Lie is a dark fantasy world where choices and actions truly matter, video games can tell interactive stories like no other medium: we want to explore that potential. Shadows Lie gameplay consists of turn-based tactical combat on a square grid. A diverse cast of 30 unique classes can work together to perform devastating combo attacks. Use stealth ambushes and environmental hazards to quickly dispatch your enemies. Story decisions determine which enemies you will fight, and how many you encounter – choose your words carefully.